Aug 242015

We’ve had pretty good weather lately, so I’ve been working on the Veil Nebula — another target in the constellation Cygnus. This is what’s left, millions of years after a star explodes.

Here’s about half of the data in hydrogen alpha that I intend to get while the moon is in the sky. After the full moon, I’ll get the RGB and Luminance data (assuming the weather is still cooperative).

Takahashi FSQ 105EDXIII
SBIG STL 11000m / Baader Ha
13.5hrs in 30 minute subs

Picture saved with settings applied.

Aug 202015

The constellation Cygnus is very well placed for imaging, this time of year.  Its bright star Deneb forms part of the “summer triangle”.  At the center of the constellation is a somewhat less bright star, Sadr (still visible to the naked eye).  Near Sadr (g-Cygni) is the g-Cygnis nebula, shown in part below, with some other summer highlights — the Crescent Nebula and open clusters M29 and NGC 1466 shown nearby.

21 hours total exposure
Takahashi FSQ106
SBIG STL11k/Baader HaRGB


RGBv2Click to enlarge

May 092015

I always like to try to get shots of Venus.  It’s one of the more difficult targets to photograph and it’s very rare to actually get a shot in good seeing.  The good seeing on the 8th, however, gave me a chance.  Here is a UV(G)IR image: Most of the interesting detail in Venus is […]