Jul 172017

Due to construction, the power and network cables to the observatory were cut in the beginning of March.  I finally was able to get them reconnected yesterday, and spent some time getting the computers rebooted and updated.  The seeing wasn’t bad, so I spent some time viewing Saturn visually, and then decided to grab a shot with the C14 and PGR Flea3, even though Saturn was only at about 20 degrees altitude.

Jun 122017

Jupiter’s moons have been putting on a show for us, this month.  There was a transit of Ganymede and Io, this past weekend, while Europa is shown slipping into occultation behind Jupiter.  A 4-frame animation of images taken through a near-IR filter, shown below, was taken on 11 June 2017 (2:04ut – 2:33ut).  Seeing was fair, but the surroundings were still cooling off after a hot day, and Jupiter was just above 40 degrees altitude in the sky.

Jun 052016

I haven’t had many opportunities to image Mars this year, as it’s been very low in the sky and the weather here in the eastern U.S. has been very rainy and turbulent (typical of an El Nino year).  Here are two images taken recently, however.  The first shows the Elysium region and bright spot that […]