May 122015

Conditions were fair (at best) on the night of 11 May 2015 for this image of Jupiter showing Oval BA and Europa’s shadow (far right of the planet).  Europa is further off to the right.

C14/PGR Flea3m/Astrodon Filters


And a composite image using 12 minutes of data, derotated to approximately 00:20ut.  Europa had left the frame.  Noe the change in color balance due to the changing sky brightness over the period during which the data was captured.



May 102015

In yet another distraction from going back and processing more data from Thursday night’s excellent conditions, I got some very good data last night (Friday) during the evening twilight. You can see that the first image (taken right at sunset under a very bright sky when Jupiter was just barely visible to the naked eye) has a slightly different color balance than the later image (about 20 minutes) when the sky was a bit darker. Still, neither has a fully accurate color balance as the sky was not completely dark by the time the session ended as Jupiter started to set into deteriorating seeing.

Oval BA and the previously remarked unremarkable spot are shown in the earlier image. The GRS is just beginning to show on the preceding limb in the later image.

C14/PGR Flea3m/Astrodon filters


and another about 20 minutes later.


May 092015

I always like to try to get shots of Venus.  It’s one of the more difficult targets to photograph and it’s very rare to actually get a shot in good seeing.  The good seeing on the 8th, however, gave me a chance.  Here is a UV(G)IR image: Most of the interesting detail in Venus is […]

Apr 302015
In the wake of the GRS...

The seeing had some good moments last night, on the early-side of sunset, but quickly deteriorated as Jupiter began to sink in the west.  Here’s a picture of Jupiter taken in late-twilight under somewhat better than average conditions showing some bright storms in the wake following the Great Red Spot. C14/PGR Flea3m/Astrodon Filters