Oct 062015

Here’s a shot of the Cocoon Nebula (IC5146) in Cygnus. It’s an interesting emission/reflection nebula (the bright pinkish/red part) with Barnard 168, a trailing dark nebula (not to be confused with “dark matter”) seen in this widefield image.

Takahashi FSQ106/SBIG STL11k

Here’s an LRGB version:


And another using about 3 hours of data taken through a hydrogen-alpha filter, assembled as a HaL-HaR-G-B image (if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, it’s just the mapping of the filters to the colors we can see with our eyes).


Sep 282015

Visible from North America this evening was a lunar eclipse.  It wasn’t just any lunar eclipse, it was an eclipse of the blood moon — which was also a “supermoon” (when the moon is near its perigee in its orbit around earth, it appears larger to us, which is called a supermoon).

Here are some shots taken before and after totality.  I’ll post more images as I sift through the data.  All images were taken with a Takahashi FSQ106 and Canon T3 DSLR.



Sep 222015
Collinder 399: The Coat Hanger

It’s not clear whether this is a true cluster or an asterism, but the Coathanger Cluster (also known as Al Sufi’s Cluster and Bracchi’s Cluster) sits in the constellation Vulpecula.  I imaged this last year with the DSLR, but I wanted to revisit the target with the SBIG STL11000. Although the raw clear, red, and […]

Sep 192015
The Double Cluster in Perseus

We’ve had a run of exceptional weather here in the eastern US over the past few weeks, but since the forecast is calling for a change I wanted to choose a target that could be imaged (reasonably well) in a single night and would take advantage of the moonless sky, last night (by the time […]

Sep 172015
The Andromeda Galaxy (M31)

The Great Andromeda Galaxy is just 2.3 million light years away and will someday merge with our own Milky Way.  It’s so large and bright (and close!) that it appears visible to the naked eye from dark locations (albeit as a faint, hazy smudge from all but the darkest sites).  Here is approximately 20 hours […]

Sep 102015
The Veil.

As I’ve mentioned before, the Veil Nebula is one of my favorite summer targets.  It requires a very large scope and a dark sky to appreciate it visually (and it’s worth the trip to do so, if you are able), and my light polluted skies don’t do it justice (light pollution affects deep sky photography […]