Oct 202014

Here is IC1805, the Heart Nebula, with star forming region Melotte 15 at its center.  I was able to obtain the RGB data to add to the hydrogen-alpha monochrome image I posted recently.  Total exposure is 10.2 hours through Ha and RGB filters.


Here are two versions.  Click to enlarge.



and a close-up of Melotte 15.  A star forming region and cluster of newly born stars.


Oct 132014
Barnard 144, Sh2-101 and Cygnus X-1

Here is a widefield view of the Barnard 144 region, including the Tulip Nebula (Sh2-101) and small open cluster NGC 6871.  Due to very poor weather, it’s just an hour of exposure through RGB filters and another hour in hydrogen-alpha, but the SBIG STL11k camera cooled to -25C produces very little noise, allowing for an [...]

Oct 062014
The Heart under the Blood Moon

The the coming full moon is also known as a “Blood Moon”.  Through the bright sky of this nearly full blood moon, I captured this image of IC1805 — The Heart Nebula and the star forming region at its center, Melotte 15, in the constellation Cepheus.  The nebula lies about 7,500 light years away in [...]

Sep 282014
Messier 33 -- The Triangulum Galaxy

Another popular target is M33 — The Triangulum Galaxy.  Although it is relatively bright and close to us (for a galaxy this large), its apparent size makes it a difficult target to pull from light polluted skies.  Thus, even after 9 hours of exposure, the galaxy below appears as a pale imitation of how it [...]