Jun 022015

Saturn is not well-placed for viewing in the northern hemisphere, rising to only about 32 degrees altitude at culmination here at 40N.  However, it was recently at opposition, so I tried to take a look on a night of not good, but not awful seeing for such a low target.  Thermal currents from the hot weather we’d been having didn’t help, nor did passing clouds or a moderate breeze, but it’s good to see the ringed giant — even if so unfortunately rare to do so during the next few years.


May 122015

Conditions were fair (at best) on the night of 11 May 2015 for this image of Jupiter showing Oval BA and Europa’s shadow (far right of the planet).  Europa is further off to the right.

C14/PGR Flea3m/Astrodon Filters


And a composite image using 12 minutes of data, derotated to approximately 00:20ut.  Europa had left the frame.  Noe the change in color balance due to the changing sky brightness over the period during which the data was captured.



May 092015

I always like to try to get shots of Venus.  It’s one of the more difficult targets to photograph and it’s very rare to actually get a shot in good seeing.  The good seeing on the 8th, however, gave me a chance.  Here is a UV(G)IR image: Most of the interesting detail in Venus is […]