Oct 312014

I managed to get a few hours of RGB data to go with the hydrogen-alpha data shown below,  just before the first quarter moon and another rounds of clouds and rain arrived.   So, here’s NGC 7000 and IC 5070.  Note the bright spot in the upper right — that’s Deneb just outside of the field of view, which is presumably the star that ionizes the hydrogen that we see glowing.

FSQ106/STL11000/Baader HaRGB
7 hours total integration

Click to enlarge to full resolution (3891×2572).


Oct 292014
NGC 7000 -- The North America and Pelican Nebulae

I started a project to gather data for NGC7000 (the North America Nebula) with three hours of Ha data, shown below.  I took that data and applied it as a luminance to the RGB image of the Pelican Nebula I posted last month.  Here are the results.  Further work on NGC7000 will continue as the […]

Oct 202014
The Heart Nebula in Color

Here is IC1805, the Heart Nebula, with star forming region Melotte 15 at its center.  I was able to obtain the RGB data to add to the hydrogen-alpha monochrome image I posted recently.  Total exposure is 10.2 hours through Ha and RGB filters. FSQ106/STL11000m Here are two versions.  Click to enlarge. and a close-up of […]

Oct 132014
Barnard 144, Sh2-101 and Cygnus X-1

Here is a widefield view of the Barnard 144 region, including the Tulip Nebula (Sh2-101) and small open cluster NGC 6871.  Due to very poor weather, it’s just an hour of exposure through RGB filters and another hour in hydrogen-alpha, but the SBIG STL11k camera cooled to -25C produces very little noise, allowing for an […]