Aug 312014

The widefield view below shows a number of interesting objects.  Near the center is the Bubble Nebula (NGC7635) near the small open cluster M52 (NGC7654) in the constellation Cassiopeia.  To the upper right is NGC 7538 — home to the largest known protostar, which is estimated to be about 300 times the size of our Solar System.  This active star forming region is located in the Perseus Spiral Arm of the Milky Way.  Finally, to the lower right is a small open cluster NGC7510.  Also located in the Perseus spiral arm of our galaxy, most of the light from this cluster is absorbed by gas and dust in the interstellar medium.  There’s also a planetary nebula in there somewhere.

All that aside, it makes a nice picture.

Canon 500d (Astrodon DSLR filter)
35x240s @ ISO1600Astronomik CLS EOS Clip filter