Mar 102015

Here’s Jupiter with Ganymede nearing the beginning of its transit and the Great Red Spot looking a bit lonely in a very bleak looking GRS hollow.  This was taken in a steadier moment of generally poor seeing.  The clouds ended the session before I could capture the transit.


And one through a near-IR filter.  The GRS nearly disappears in the near-IR!


Mar 092015
Jupiter -- March 9 in poor seeing

Some nights, it’s just fun to watch Jupiter on the computer monitor and hope for something interesting, because some night the seeing just isn’t very cooperative.  Last night was one of those nights.  Unfortunately, Jupiter didn’t do anything interesting.  Neverthless, here’s a picture from near culmination (i.e., when Jupiter is as its highest point in […]

Mar 062015
Me and Sheldon Cooper...

I now have something in common with Dr. Sheldon Cooper.  I was on today’s episode of National Public Radio’s weekly show — Science Friday!  They did a short story about the Mars Plume in their “One Last Thing” segment.  You can listen here.