Mar 252016
Theophilus, Cyrillus, Catharina...

Another recent lunar image, this time of craters Theophilus, Cyrillus, Catharina in the central lunar highlands.  They’re generally visible near the terminator about 5 days after the new moon.  They’re a very good target for visually observing the moon through a small to medium aperture telescope. C14@f/7 PGR Flea3m Astrodon R filter

Mar 302015
The elusive Stadius

Conditions were poor last night and clouds were rolling in, so instead of waiting around to image Jupiter, I setup the C14 to do some lunar imaging with an f/6.3 reducer (yielding an effective f/7 with the f/11 C14) and an IR filter (742nm).  What I found was the difficult to see (visually) crater Stadius […]