May 262014
M57 -- Another visit to the Ring Nebula

Widefield view of The Ring Nebula. Full frame of the Canon 500d on the C14 at prime focus (f=3910mm). Three hours total exposure in 4 minute subs at ISO 1600.  Taken on 26 May 2014.  Conditions were fairly poor (lousy seeing and transparency) but I was testing out some maintenance I’ve been doing on the […]

Feb 072012
NGC 2392 -- The Eskimo Nebula

The Eskimo Nebula (NGC 2392), also known as the Clownface Nebula (or Caldwell 39), is a “bipolar double-shell planetary nebula”.  It was discovered by William Herschel in 1787 and has become known mainly as the Eskimo Nebula because it resembles a person’s head surrounded by a parka hood.  I have no idea why it’s also […]

Aug 012011
More M27

Here’s “more” M27.  I mean that literally.  The test shot posted earlier was 75 minutes of total integration time (that means it was 25, 3-minute exposures that “add up” to 75 total minutes of exposure).  This image was taken this past weekend under much better conditions — the seeing was better and there was less […]

Jun 212011
A quick shot of M57 -- The Ring Nebula

One of my first shots when I bought a DSLR last year was of the famed Ring Nebula.   Here’s another look at it through the C14 at f/7 using the now-modded DSLR.  It’s a quick look, as it’s just 8 x 3 minute exposures at ISO400, but it’s interesting to compare with previous efforts.  The […]

Oct 272010
Another M57

This was made from some test shots by the light of the silvery moon last week.  The moon was full, but the sky was relatively clear (moderate transparency).  It’s 75 minutes of 2.5 minute subs at Iso 400 (C14 @ f/7, Canon 500d).  I reduced the gain to try and improve the SNR against the […]