Oct 222015
The Gamma Cassiopeia Nebula

This is the gamma-Cassiopeia Nebula.  The bright star near the center, Navi, is part of the constellation Cassiopeia, and it ionizes the nearby gases in the emissions and reflections nebula cataloged as IC 63 and IC 59. Takahashi FSQ106/SBIG STL11k/Baader filters (8 hours total integration time)

Oct 202015
Pac Man.  No, really...

NGC 281 (IC11) in the constellation Cassiopeia is dense cloud of protons floating in space, reflecting a little bit of light from nearby stars.  It also bears a resemblance to the video game character Pac Man — giving it the name “The Pac Man Nebula”. Taken over two nights (10/18-10/19) with 10 hours of data […]

Oct 122015
The Elephant Trunk in Cepheus

IC1396 is an emissions nebula about 3,000 light years away in the constellation Cepheus.  It’s a mix of glowing gases and dark dust clouds, lit by the bright bluish star at the center.  One dark dust lane in the nebula is known as the “Elephant Trunk”.  Find it just to the left of the center. […]

Oct 062015
The Cocoon Nebula in Cygnus

Here’s a shot of the Cocoon Nebula (IC5146) in Cygnus. It’s an interesting emission/reflection nebula (the bright pinkish/red part) with Barnard 168, a trailing dark nebula (not to be confused with “dark matter”) seen in this widefield image. Takahashi FSQ106/SBIG STL11k Here’s an LRGB version: And another using about 3 hours of data taken through […]

Sep 102015
The Veil.

As I’ve mentioned before, the Veil Nebula is one of my favorite summer targets.  It requires a very large scope and a dark sky to appreciate it visually (and it’s worth the trip to do so, if you are able), and my light polluted skies don’t do it justice (light pollution affects deep sky photography […]