Jan 022015
A Dusty View of Monoceros

Happy New Year, everyone! We had some very clear skies over the holiday, so while we were inside staying warm, the observatory was capturing images of various deep sky objects. Here is a monochrome, wide-field shot of the NGC 2264 region in the constellation Monoceros in Hydrogen-alpha light. The Cone Nebula is just below center. […]

Oct 292014
NGC 7000 -- The North America and Pelican Nebulae

I started a project to gather data for NGC7000 (the North America Nebula) with three hours of Ha data, shown below.  I took that data and applied it as a luminance to the RGB image of the Pelican Nebula I posted last month.  Here are the results.  Further work on NGC7000 will continue as the […]