Jun 052016

I haven’t had many opportunities to image Mars this year, as it’s been very low in the sky and the weather here in the eastern U.S. has been very rainy and turbulent (typical of an El Nino year).  Here are two images taken recently, however.  The first shows the Elysium region and bright spot that […]

Apr 252014
A little Mars...

The seeing was quite poor last night, but I managed an acceptable image in IR during a brief, relatively steady moment.  The RGB data wasn’t very good, but I put one together anyway.  The clouds over Hellas appear as a white spot in the upper left.  Hugyens region is fairly well defined at the intersection […]

Apr 222014
More Mars in Good Seeing

We had another night of favorable conditions, last night.  Despite thickening waves of clouds moving through, the seeing was a bit better than on previous nights for these images of Mars.  These images show the Moab/Eden region with Syrtis Major rotating across the evening limb and haze-filled Chryse rotating into view.  On the lower right, […]

Apr 212014
Mars -- Better Conditions Arrive!

It’s been a long winter and spring has been slow to bring the more steady skies that we need to get clear views of the planets.  The first hint of the heavy, stable air of summer arrived last night, though (coupled with some strong thermal currents as the temperature dropped from the high 40’s to […]

Apr 182014
Mars -- April 18 Erythrea and Acidalia

We had fair conditions again last night, although not quite as steady (or cold) as the previous night. Nevertheless, here’s one of my favorite views of Mars showing Mare Erythraeum (top center) and Mare Acidalium (bottom center) with the morning haze over Tharsis. (Translation: it looks cooler than the other side of the planet). Note […]

Apr 172014
Mars -- Tharsis Rises

Conditions were fair last night, although it was quite cold for mid-April with the temperature hovering around freezing and a light wind.  Here’s Mars showing the Tharsis region rising and the peaks of the great volcanoes peering out of the morning mist.  For the longer story, read this post from two years ago when I […]