Sep 222015
Collinder 399: The Coat Hanger

It’s not clear whether this is a true cluster or an asterism, but the Coathanger Cluster (also known as Al Sufi’s Cluster and Bracchi’s Cluster) sits in the constellation Vulpecula.  I imaged this last year with the DSLR, but I wanted to revisit the target with the SBIG STL11000. Although the raw clear, red, and […]

Sep 192015
The Double Cluster in Perseus

We’ve had a run of exceptional weather here in the eastern US over the past few weeks, but since the forecast is calling for a change I wanted to choose a target that could be imaged (reasonably well) in a single night and would take advantage of the moonless sky, last night (by the time […]

Jan 022015
A Dusty View of Monoceros

Happy New Year, everyone! We had some very clear skies over the holiday, so while we were inside staying warm, the observatory was capturing images of various deep sky objects. Here is a monochrome, wide-field shot of the NGC 2264 region in the constellation Monoceros in Hydrogen-alpha light. The Cone Nebula is just below center. […]

Oct 202014
The Heart Nebula in Color

Here is IC1805, the Heart Nebula, with star forming region Melotte 15 at its center.  I was able to obtain the RGB data to add to the hydrogen-alpha monochrome image I posted recently.  Total exposure is 10.2 hours through Ha and RGB filters. FSQ106/STL11000m Here are two versions.  Click to enlarge. and a close-up of […]