May 092015

I always like to try to get shots of Venus.  It’s one of the more difficult targets to photograph and it’s very rare to actually get a shot in good seeing.  The good seeing on the 8th, however, gave me a chance.  Here is a UV(G)IR image: Most of the interesting detail in Venus is […]

Apr 072012
Venus Felix

Despite poor imaging conditions recently (although we’re enjoying the sunny, cool, and breezy weather) I was lucky to capture this Venus last night.  It’s a mixture of IR and UV light mixed-together and sprinkled with fairy dust.  Please note that no fairies were harmed in the making of this image. and another “mix” (i.e., different […]

Mar 312012
Men are from Mars...

Maybe John Gray was right. If you’re a regular visitor to this site, you know that we’ve been looking at Mars a lot lately.  A whole lot.  What have we seen?  A cold, dusty, barren planet with few surprises left.  Sure, it’s a pleasantly colored rock with a very thin atmosphere that occasionally lets off […]

Mar 122012
Venus -- March 11

The seeing was excellent last night as sunset.  Here’s Venus taken in evening twilight.  This is a visible-light (RGB) image showing gentle cloud detail of the planet’s ‘super-rotational’ atmosphere.

Mar 102012
Venus in visible light

Here is Venus taken this evening in late-twilight.  This is a visible light image, so little detail is apparent in the clouds except for some subtle shading.  It’s still quite a beautiful planet, even if it is a fiery, volcanic world with a highly corrosive and toxic atmosphere.