Mar 262012

Going back through the data taken just prior to when we noticed the appearance of the Mars anomaly, I found what appears to be my first image showing the terminator projection.  This was taken at 1:10ut (9:10pm, March 16 local time) on March 17 when Mars was at a relatively low altitude (resulting in lower resolution due to having to aim the telescope through more of our atmosphere to see the red planet.)  However, after processing the data multiple times, I think this image is reliable enough to show the first appearance in my data.

and just a few minutes later, with the meager-est of hints of the cloud (if any at all.)



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  2 Responses to “First sign of the Mars Anomaly — March 17”

  1. Wayne glad I found your site, some of these photos are incredible, especially considering they were taken from West Chester (I actually live in WC as well).

    Found your site through an article on Bad Astronomy and am very impressed, this is definitely motivation to pick up some decent equipment – astrophotography is something that I’ve wanted to get into for awhile, thanks for showing me that it’s possible in this area!

  2. Thanks, Kevin! Glad you found the site. West Chester is certainly a great place for astronomy and photography! We don’t get the ultra-clear, dark skies needed for deep space photography. We do get a reasonable amount of steady weather that makes planetary observing and photography possible.


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