Sep 102015

As I’ve mentioned before, the Veil Nebula is one of my favorite summer targets.  It requires a very large scope and a dark sky to appreciate it visually (and it’s worth the trip to do so, if you are able), and my light polluted skies don’t do it justice (light pollution affects deep sky photography significantly, but has little effect on planetary photography because the planets are brighter than the background light).  Nevertheless, we had some good weather recently and I assembled 32 hours of exposure time through hydrogen-alpha, luminance, red, green, and blue filters to create this image.  Below the wide-field (full frame) view is a full-resolution crop of the “Witch’s Broom” Nebula (the Western Veil).

Takahashi FSQ106EDXiii
SBIG STL11000m
Baader HaLRGB




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