Mar 072016

This may be the most popular nebula to image, due to its size, brightness, and because so many people are able to see it visually even with small scopes in typical suburban backyards.  Even so, even in a large scope you don’t get to see the nebula embedded within the clouds of hydrogen dust, when imaged in a combination of visual, clear, and narrowband filters.

I’d hoped to do a more thorough project, but the weather over this past winter has not been favorable for imaging.  Since Orion is now setting relatively early in the evening and Jupiter is reaching opposition, I reconfigured my observatory for planetary imaging for the next few months.  Here is the image with the data I was able to collect.  Total exposure time is 25.5 hours through Ha, L, and RGB filters.

Takahashi FSQ 106 / SBIG STL11000m

(Click to enlarge)M42_HALRGB_V2


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